Procureit Australia

About Procureit Australia

Procureit Australia is offering a line of Cowboy-style/Outlaw hardhats.  Their claim is that they can export it to you so that you can have your order within 2 to 3 days.  Here is a photo of their Cowboy Hard Hat selection.

Procureit Australia Cowboy Hard Hat Line

Procureit Australia are pleased to offer ‘The Outlaw’ range of Cowboy hardhats. These hard hats are stylish cowboy shaped safety helmets available in white, black, grey and straw colours. The cowboy safety hardhat provides stylish, comfortable and enhanced protection. Made of high impact, UV resistant, special HDPE blended plastic. The broad brim protects your eyes from bright light and your neck from sunburn and rain. The browpad is adequately ventilated to minimise irritation and to absorb perspiration. The cowboy hardhats feature high quality suspensions that adjust comfortably to fit any head size.

Cowboy Hard Hats Procureit Australia
  • Provide excellent protection from falling objects, rain, sun, heat and glare
  • Offers UV protection, style, comfort
  • Meet OHSA requirements outlined in ANSI’s standard Z89.1-2003 Class G.E.C. Type 1
  • Standards: Electrical insulation, impact resistance, penetration resistance, flammability and water absortion.
  • Your Logo can be pad printed on these cowboy hard hats
  • Come in the following colors: White, Black, Grey and Straw